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My Navy Portal (MNP) is an online platform of U.S. Government. The main objective of this portal is to bring several personnel, training and education websites for Sailors into one location. Each and every page in My Navy Portal is developed and completely redesigned with clean and modern design. This type of modern designs allows significant enhancements across the entire portal. The main objective of My Navy Portal is to provide single portal for Sailors to manage their careers in an easier manner. My Navy Portal maintains personnel databases, training and education systems and supporting systems under one portal. It becomes easy-to-use system for Sailors to gain the information as well as to develop their careers.

My Navy Portal quarterly updated its software so that every sailor is capable to share and update their personnel information. Hence we can also say that My Navy Portal becomes a central on-line location for Sailors for their personnel information. My Navy Portal becomes one-stop shop for Sailors by acting as modern personnel system. As we mentioned above My Navy Portal updates its software for easy access. In 2018 there are certain notable changes. They are as follows. The portal home screen has been redesigned and photo carousal was removed. The portal updated with new images for Career & Life Event (CLE) icons. The search function of Navy Portal has been improved. Loading of pages in the portal become good. Overall performance of the site has been improved. The portal also improved the ability to fill and submit Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ).

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My Navy Portal

About My Navy Portal :

My Navy Portal divided the information into ten categories. These are also called as Career & Live Events (CLE). A task-based process implements for Sailors to view their data, complete associated tasks and to find or support help if they need it. The Career & Life Event categories of My Navy Portal are given as follows. They are New to Navy, Advancement and Promotion, Career Planning, Assignment, Leave, Travel, Deployment and Mobilization, Pay & Benefits, Retirement and Separation, Performance, Sailor and Family Support, Training, Education and Qualifications.

These career event categories provide sufficient guidance to the Sailors in each and every step of their career. The New to Navy category provides sufficient guidance to the sailors who are new to the portal. The categories are also very much helpful to the Sailors to develop their dreams to become into reality. In 2017, Portal beta release includes Sailors access to Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) data and Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). So that Sailors are able to view additional information on MNP such as Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) content, Navy Schools and Learning Centers, Navy Advancement Center, Personal Qualification Standards and General Military training.

My Navy Portal Login also includes various links so that sailors are able to access in an easier way. They are listed such as Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID), Sailors Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ), Joint Services Transcript, Navy elearning (NeL), Navy Credentialing Opportunities online (COOL), Pay/Personnel Standard Operating Procedures, Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Electronic Service Record and eLeave and U.S. Navy Awards (NDAWS). My Navy Portal is trying to update the portal with additional new features and this new full MNP capability by the year 2020.

Career at My Navy Portal :

The involvement of Sailors in developing My Navy Portal is very appreciable. From very beginning Sailors are very much involved in being a part in the development of portal. The first MNP working group consists of Sailors from warfighting communities and the reserves. They noticed that there is need of task oriented capabilities and develop CLEs to maintain task-based capability.

Sailors are actively participate to develop each and every CLE working group and provide their valuable Fleet-Perspective feedback. This feedback is helpful in design process and encourages sailors to participate in working groups until development of all the CLEs. The Sailors feedback always enhances existing MNP capabilities and makes it to incorporate into new design versions for future releases.

For every new software release of MNP, the suggestions and feedback given by Sailors are very helpful to add new features to the website. The Sailors also involved in testing and providing input to the style, look and feel of the all new capabilities of the portal. Sailors also provide authoritative information which is helpful in easy navigate as well as simple usage of the portal.

The feedback forms to the Sailors are present in the My Navy Portal. One can find out them on the top-level menu or page-specific feedback forms are available in MNP. The full implementations of MNP will release in 2020 by taking all major factors into consideration. After initial release My Navy Portal has changed many features according to the updated information as well as taking consideration of valuable feedback by Sailors. These changes are also very essential for Sailors to build their career as well as for future generations. Continuous improvements in My Navy Portal lead to reach full capability.

Further Information about My Navy Portal :

  • Some changes of My Navy Portal which increases its capability are as follows. By interfacing to other systems it become easy to feed data in various CLE categories.
  • This leads to reducing the need to access into separate systems. Different links are provided so that Sailors are able to give their valuable suggestions to the portal.
  • In My Navy Portal Sailors personnel information records in My Record. This also helps to reduce the usage of no of systems to visit authoritative data. My Navy Portal gives access to mobile devices for easy usage. It directly encourages ideas from Sailors for improvements.
  • Beta release of MNP helps in providing career-related mobile applications to the Sailors for easy access.
  • There also include many other mobile applications which are under development. MNP is also planning to release several mobile-apps which contain MNP-content.
  • The mobile user who wants to access My Navy Portal must contain CAC reader. Otherwise one cannot access this portal through mobile. In 2017 release of My Navy Portal, it add some additional features.
  • That is new Exchange of Duty (SWAPS) which is added to Assignment/ Leave/ Travel CLE. There is also one more updated feature regarding Advancement and Promotion CLE. It involves in providing referral material for Active Duty Officers.

You can find more at official site of My Navy Portal.